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CD Releases

This music is a collection of the top young talent on the jazz scene in New Orleans. Johnaye Kendrick (Vocals), James Westfall (Vibes), Rex Gregory (Reeds), Andrew Baham (Trumpet), Joseph C. Dyson Jr. (Drums), Max Moran (Bass), David Pulphus (Bass). Purchase here.


Next Gen Album Cover

Now available for purchase online!

"In 1992 I was included in a video production which featured several of the 'Young Lions' of the day who were also Jazz students at the University of New Orleans under Dr. Ellis Marsalis. I was very proud of that generation fo young men and expressed, in an interview, my hope and desire to be involved in the NEXT GENERATION... and the NEXT...ETC.

Following the hard work, hands on, heart in leadership of Jesse McBride, we now have in 2007, a 3rd NEXT GENERATION!! This CD, as wonderful as it is, is only the 'tip of the iceberg.'

Jesse has developed these men into a 'beyond category' group of Musicians! Hear them...SEE them...ENJOY!!!"

- Harold Battiste |